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It’s with great pride that Roadmaster Booking announces the upcoming tour of the German funeral doom entity WORSHIP. The tour will be in support of their 4th Album ‘Dusk of Legion, Morning of One’, and will also count with the Mexican doomers of MAJESTIC DOWNFALL.

Dusk of Europe Tour has available gigs between 20th – 27th February 2016 for Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark. Booking/info: duracell(at)

The Doommonger, guitarist and vocalist of Worship, says: “Our new album ‘Dusk of Legion, Morning of One’ is currently moments before being launched, and it is an album that was heavily inspired by the best moments we had on stage on our last 2 tours. To take this new material on tour seems like going full circle, and we looking forward to the results! For the first time, we will play a song or two from our new album ‘Dusk of Legion, Morning of One’. But, we will also include many hits from 19 years of WORSHIP, of course! We love to be on tour, WORSHIP works really well on stage. We get a lot of good reactions from the audience, and so we are keen on spreading the virus once more”.

+WORSHIP (Ger/Weird Truth Productions) – One of the worldwide best known Funeral Doom bands , Worship was founded in late 90’s by ‘Fucked Up Mad’ Max Varnier from France and Daniel ‘The Doommonger’ from Germany. After the tragic suicide of Max, the band was on ice between 2001 and 2003, when The Doommonger decided that Worship should go on. With diverse tours around the globe, 3 Albums and splits with bands like Mournful Congregation and Loss, Worship is about to release it’s 4th Album ‘Dusk of Legion, Morning of One’.

+MAJESTIC DOWNFALL (Mex/Pulverised Records) – After 4 full lengths and 2 split albums, Latin America´s leading Death/Doom Metal band will finally depress Europe. Expect crushing riffs, melancholic passages and full on chaotic emptiness influenced by 90´s English and Dutch Death/Doom with hints of Black Metal and everything in between. New album was mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios (Watain, Unanimated, Desultory). Now the flames of hell will reach and burn the heavens!!!

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