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Roadmaster Booking is proud to announce this killer package that will tour over Scandinavia next May. Sorcery – legendary Swedish Death Metal band – promoting their upcoming album Garden of Bones. Deathronation, highly acclaimed outfit from Germany spreading their ’90s influenced old school Death Metal. And Slaughter Messiah, Belgian revelation that promise soul ripping presentations with their Black/Death/Thrash Metal.

Available dates for ‘Scandinavian Death Crusade’ between 16 and 21 May. Interested promoters please get in touch via

Ola Malmström, vocalist of Sorcery, says:

“It means a lot to get out on the roads again. We are looking forward to play the new songs to an audience where we never before played. European metalheads can expect to hear both songs from the new album as well as classics from our 30 year long career. Make sure not to miss it. These will be nights to remember.”

+SORCERY (Old school Death Metal/Sweden – Xtreem Music) – Founded in 1986, Sorcery became one of the earliest Death Metal bands hailing from Sweden. The debut album from 1991, Bloodchilling tales, has become a classic that’s been re-released several times. This tour aim to promote their upcoming release ‘Garden of Bones’.

+DEATHRONATION (Old school Death Metal/Germany – Ván Records) – with over 75 concerts in 10 countries including diverse tours, and appearances at festivals like Acherontic Arts, Party San, Hell’s Pleasure, Death Doomed the Age, Castle Invasion among others, Deathronation is currently promoting their highly acclaimed album ‘Hollow of the Dead’.  Expect well performed old school Death Metal in the veins of the early ’90s.

+SLAUGHTER MESSIAH (Ancient Metal of Death/Belgium – Goat Kult Symphonies) – Black/Death/Thrash Metal – with releases entitled ‘Deathlike Invasion’, ‘Black Speed Terror’, or ‘Putrid Invokation’, this Belgian quartet are growing a solid reputation and constantly spreading the chaos through clubs and festivals in Europe, including appearances on Metal Magic (Denmark) and In Flammen Open Air (Germany). According to them ‘Slaughter Messiah is gonna make your ears bleed, and reap your souls!!!’

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*Poster Artwork by Arturo Vargas – armedrebellion(at)

Sorcery Poster WEB


It’s with great pride that Roadmaster Booking announces the upcoming tour of the German funeral doom entity WORSHIP. The tour will be in support of their 4th Album ‘Dusk of Legion, Morning of One’, and will also count with the Mexican doomers of MAJESTIC DOWNFALL.

Dusk of Europe Tour has available gigs between 20th – 27th February 2016 for Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark. Booking/info: duracell(at)

The Doommonger, guitarist and vocalist of Worship, says: “Our new album ‘Dusk of Legion, Morning of One’ is currently moments before being launched, and it is an album that was heavily inspired by the best moments we had on stage on our last 2 tours. To take this new material on tour seems like going full circle, and we looking forward to the results! For the first time, we will play a song or two from our new album ‘Dusk of Legion, Morning of One’. But, we will also include many hits from 19 years of WORSHIP, of course! We love to be on tour, WORSHIP works really well on stage. We get a lot of good reactions from the audience, and so we are keen on spreading the virus once more”.

+WORSHIP (Ger/Weird Truth Productions) – One of the worldwide best known Funeral Doom bands , Worship was founded in late 90’s by ‘Fucked Up Mad’ Max Varnier from France and Daniel ‘The Doommonger’ from Germany. After the tragic suicide of Max, the band was on ice between 2001 and 2003, when The Doommonger decided that Worship should go on. With diverse tours around the globe, 3 Albums and splits with bands like Mournful Congregation and Loss, Worship is about to release it’s 4th Album ‘Dusk of Legion, Morning of One’.

+MAJESTIC DOWNFALL (Mex/Pulverised Records) – After 4 full lengths and 2 split albums, Latin America´s leading Death/Doom Metal band will finally depress Europe. Expect crushing riffs, melancholic passages and full on chaotic emptiness influenced by 90´s English and Dutch Death/Doom with hints of Black Metal and everything in between. New album was mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios (Watain, Unanimated, Desultory). Now the flames of hell will reach and burn the heavens!!!

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*Poster Artwork by Arturo Vargas – armedrebellion(at)

Worship MD Final Poster Web



It’s with great pride that Roadmaster Booking announces this solid package for all European fans of slow, extreme and heavy music. Still No Spring Tour has available gigs between 12th – 19th February 2016 for Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark. Booking/info: duracell(at)

+OPHIS (Ger/Cyclone Empire) – Monolithic Doom/Death – with over 100 concerts in 20 countries including tours beside Skepticism, Ahab, Esoteric, Evoken, appearances at festivals like Party San, Hell’s Pleasure, Madrid is the Dark, Dutch Doom Days and 3 highly praised albuns, the German icon of heaviness promise for this tour a straight mixture from all their releases including exclusive previews of their upcoming forth full-lenght.

Phil, guitarist and vocalist of Ophis, says: ‘We are looking forward to be on the road again and bring brutal death doom metal to everyone who gives a fuck. The fans can expect a straight mixture from all our releases, and we even might play some brand-new stuff from our upcoming album.. an exclusive preview.Doom or be doomed!!’

+ATARAXIE (Fra/Weird Truth Prod.) – Extreme Doom/Death influenced by early 90’s Doom/Death and slowest 80’s/90’s death metal bands. Representing the French scene, Ataraxie express themselves with contrasts between ultra slow crushing parts alternate with furious blast beats, mournful parts with more epic ones, and vocals also varies from really deep grunts to tormented screams.  With appearances at Danish Killtown Deathfest, Motocultor Festival, Dooom over Paris (headliner act), among many others, Ataraxie is one of the French representants of the genre. ‘Darkening your world since 2000’.

Fred, guitarist of Ataraxie, adds: We have been playing many gigs this past 15 years in many countries, but we regularly receive messages from fans that would expect a gig from us in their places. We hope this tour helps us reach some long time fans that never got to see them live, aswell as playing again in places we appreciated so much. Also we’ve been working hard this past months in writing new songs, and as we love to play them live before recording them, the european metalheads can expect to taste some of our newest material every night.

+MAJESTIC DOWNFALL (Mex/Pulverised Records) – After 4 full lengths and 2 split albums, Latin America´s leading Death/Doom Metal band will finally depress Europe. Expect crushing riffs, melancholic passages and full on chaotic emptiness influenced by 90´s English and Dutch Death/Doom with hints of Black Metal and everything in between. New album was mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios (Watain, Unanimated, Desultory). Now the flames of hell will reach and burn the heavens!!!

Tour promo video:

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It’s with immense pride that Roadmaster Booking Agency has the pleasure to announce another very talented thrash metal act touring over Europe for the first time. In November/December, the American LICH KING will hit European clubs showing their thrash metal for Metalheads over Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, among many other countries.

Regarding the tour, the drummer Brian Westbrook says:
“It’s been a long time coming, and we’re excited to finally cross the pond and meet our fans who have been supporting us from afar over the years. Looking forward to the experience, the people, the culture, and everything else Europe has to offer. The European Thrashers can expect some ridiculous shows, a setlist pulling from all four of our albums as well as some new tracks, and a surprise new vocalist – so secret that we don’t even know who it is yet!”

Dates available between 13th November – 12th December. Interested promoters please get in touch via

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We are proud to announce that we are – in partnership with The Flaming Arts – booking the upcoming Eurotour of the most prominent extreme band to arise from Middle East, NERVECELL. The tour will also count with the Brazilian Death Metal veterans of NERVOCHAOS.

Regarding the tour, the guitarist Barney Ribeiro says:

“This will be the last European run in support of our latest album “Psychogenocide”. We look forward to performing across Europe to our fans who havent got the chance to see us live yet. We have played a lot of festivals across Europe in the last few years so going back to the club shows is always tricky but fun because of the intimacy and energy we get from the fans. So we hope and expect to see some familiar faces and make some new fans too from these up coming shows.”

About what NERVECELL are preparing for the concerts, Barney added:
“We are preparing a brutal 1 hour set of straight up Middle Eastern Death / Thrash metal. Probably will be focusing on playing a lot more newer stuff from the last album. We are not a band who gets to play a lot back at home in the Middle East, so when we come to Europe we mean business and anyone who has been to a Nervecell gig before knows how intense the shows can get. We wouldn’t want it any other way and we look forward to seeing all our European brothers and sisters in the pit soon!”


06/Sep Berlin (GER) Blackland
07/Sep Volmerange-Les-Mines (FRA) No Man’s Land
08/Sep St. Etienne (FRA) Thunderbird Lodge
09/Sep Barakaldo (SPA) Edaska
10/Sep Salamanca (SPA) Nave Bunker Salamanca
11/Sep Vigo (SPA) Transylvania Pub
12/Sep Palencia (SPA) Nave:At.Mosh.Phera.Zero
13/Sep Madrid (SPA) La Mala
14/Sep Sevilla (SPA) Sala Holandés Errante
15/Sep Malaga (SPA) Sala Eventual
16/Sep Zaragoza (SPA) Sala Creedence
17/Sep Bordeax (FRA) Les Runes
18/Sep Brussels (BEL) Casa Latina
19/Sep Amsterdam (NL) The Cave Rock Club
20/Sep Manheim (GER) 7er Club Manheim


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It’s with great pride that the agency Roadmaster Booking announces the first Eurotour of two of the most significant bands of Chilean extreme underground death metal scene ATOMIC AGGRESSOR and DIABOLICAL MESSIAH. The tour will happen next September 2015, and already include appearances at Germans NRW Deathfest and Italian Briscia Deathfest.

Enrique Zúñiga, guitarist of Atomic Aggressor says:

“This is our first time playing in Europe, so it’s very important for the band. Atomic Aggressor is a very old band, for us it was a pending goal, and now that our album is out, it’s the best time to visit Europe. We hope that European Metalheads will appreciate our work and maybe find some old school fans that already know our band since the late 80’s. Mainly we want to show “Sights of Suffering” to the European Deathbangers. But because this is our first time in Europe, we’ll also be playing some old stuff from our demos. So people can expect a show full of real chilean old school death metal. Atomic Aggressor started in the late 80’s. After 2 demos the band split up. Now we are paying some old debts. The most important was to record an album. After that, another pending goal was to do an international tour. That’s why this tour is so special for us.”

Cesar Diaz, bassist and vocalist from Diabolical Messiah says:

“This is a great step for our band, and will be our second tour out of Chile and the first tour with many dates, will be great to meet other countries and his scenes. We expect to introduce the band in Europe in a directly way. That the European metalhead can see us live and we can spread our music and material in the countries that we will visit. We are preparing near of 60 minutes of a musical bomb without break. The european metalheads can expect a lot of energy, weight and speed. So attend to our concerts. Atomic Aggressor is a legend band from Chile, the first band of Death Metal in Chile and all his music in all his years is brutal. We guarantee unmerciful concerts”


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Atomic Agressor - Diabolical Messiah - Tour Flyer WEB


It is with great pride that the agency Roadmaster Booking – in partnership with The Flaming Arts – announces the Eastern European tour of one of the greatest representatives of the Chilean Thrash Metal scene, NUCLEAR. The tour will be during August and September 2015, and will also feature the Brazilian death metal veterans of NERVOCHAOS and the Swiss thrashers of BLOODLOST.

Francisco Haussmann, guitarist of NUCLEAR, says:

“Since the time we came back from Eastern Europe in 2011 we have always compared it to South America. People are really enthusiastic and always giving you great feedback. We expect nothing less than that. After four years we will be coming back with 2 more albums and eager to show the new stuff there. The metalheads can expect live brutality. We strongly believe thrash metal can be even more violent and extreme and we are working on that. People who have seen us live know we give 200% on stage and we will keep doing that until any of us just cannot anymore. That is – and will always – be the essence of the band and that is exactly what people will get if they decide to come to one of our shows.”


21/08 Szeged (HUN) @ Live Club
24/08 Cluj Napoca (ROM) @ Flying Circus Pub
27/08 Bucharest (ROM) @ Quantic Pub
28/08 Craiova (ROM @ Casa Studentilor
29/08 Varna (BUL) @ Devil`s Smile Golden Sands
30/08 Ruse (BUL) @ Metalclub Legacy
01/09 Sofia (BUL) @ Tri Ushi
02/09 Nis (SER) @ Black Stage Caffe Club
03/09 Velika Plana (SER) @ DRUM
04/09 Pozarevac (SER) @ Klub KB
05/09 Osijek (CRO) @ Exit Club


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We are proud to announce that we are booking one leg of the upcoming Eurotour of the Brazilian Female Thrash NERVOSA. The band is already confirmed at several festivals including Obscene Extreme (CZ), Brutal Assault (CZ), Summer Breeze (GER), Metal Days (SLO) among others. The tour will also count with the thrashers CRISIX from Spain and DESOLATOR from UK. Interested promoters please get in touch via

Regarding the tour, the singer and bassist Fernanda Lira says:

“For me it’s like a dream coming true, really. We’ve been planning this tour for years, because we wanted everything to be the best possible and now the final result is that we are really pleased to be playing many countries, playing these huge feasts among bands we admired and feel inspired too and also getting to know lot of different cultures and local metal scenes. Can it get any better than that? haha :) The European Metalheads surely can expect a lot of passion on stage. I think music and especially metal is about passion and energy and only we know how much this tour will be important to us, so we will be very very pleased and people will be able to feel that when we get on stage!”

The guitarist Prika added:

“I’m so happy and anxious for this great opportunity and i feel honoured for being able to join this tour that has everything to be amazing! To play in some of the feasts i’ve always dreamed of playing is wonderful! Playing along and among great metal bands, and lots of them being very influential  to me is awesome!”

Tour Promo Video: 

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NERVOSA Flyer Eurotour 2015 Web


We are proud to announce the upcoming Eurotour of the Greek Melodic Progressiv Metal band Floating Worlds:

Sea of Light Eurotour 2015
27/Feb Sofija (BUL) Adams Bar
28/Feb Varna (BUL) Smile
01/Mar Bucharest (ROM) La Pirati
02/Mar Cluj Napoca (ROM) Irish & Music Pub
03/Mar Craiova (ROM) Perdido Station
04/Mar Burgas (BUL) Bar Bez Ime
05/Mar Smederevo (SER) Irish Pub
06/Mar Velika Plana (SER) Drum Club
07/Mar Valjevo (SER) Klub Vizija
09/Mar Zapresic (CRO) Bomber Club
12/Mar Osijek (CRO) Exit
14/Mar Szekesfehervar (HUN) 8-As Muhely


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