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Posted: June 25, 2011 in Services

BOOKING: We are specialized in scheduling concerts in Europe. Due to our experience, we have personal contact with hundreds of concert promoters in countries such as Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, England, among others.

DRIVER / BACKLINE RENTAL / VAN RENTAL: Touring in Europe implies hiring these services. Unlike the South American circuit, in Europe the bands need their own van, driver and available equipment for the sound on stage. ROADMASTER has this equipment. We have our own van with seats for 5/6 persons plus the driver. Our backline includes: DRUMS: Sonor drum set with Remo Emperor skins, BASS: Ashdown 300W bass combo with 4 x 10 speakers, GUITARS: Peavey XXX amp head + Laney 4 x 12 cab; Marshall JVM guitar amp head + Marshall 1936 oversized 2×12 Guitar Cab; Framus Cobra amp head + 4 × 12 matching cab.  If necessary, we mediate the rental of other equipments/vans/services.