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“In service to the Godz of Steele!”

We are proud to welcome the Belgian bestial speed metalheadz of BÜTCHER to our roster!

+BÜTCHER ( Speed-Black-Heavy Metal / Osmose Prod.)
Pure 80’s speed metal assault from maniacs for maniacs into Agent Steel, Celtic Frost, Nifelheim, Venom, Exciter, Darkthrone, Manowar, Deströyer 666, Slayer and the likes! After killing the audiences at festivals like Roadburn, Bloodshed and Antwerp Metal Fest, BÜTCHERs reputation is quickly spreading like wildfire among the underground Die-Hards. Right after their Debut Album “Bestial Fükkin’ Warmachine” (2017) they landed a deal with Osmose Productions and promise to take the scene by a pure metal assault! Be ready for a 2019 full of neckwrecking performances and an upcoming release to blow your spreakers!

Currently promoting the Debut Album “Bestial Fükkin’ Warmachine” – new album in 2019 via Osmose Prod.

In the words of R. Hellshrieker:

“We are excited as fükk to be working with Daniel / Roadmaster for 2019! The main thing that drives BÜTCHER is pure enthusiasm and a deeply rooted love for Metal and Hardrock. And that enthusiasm and musical addiction is something we share with Daniel, in spades! He will get us on stages, we will wreck them. Sounds like a solid plan for a fantastic cooperation!”

About BÜTCHERs music and live performances, he adds:

“In our music you will find Exciter and Mercyful Fate, you will hear Hellhammer and Iron Maiden, you will bow to Bathory and Sodom, you will feel Slayer and Manilla Road. That is what defines BÜTCHER in the first place.

Equally important is our dedication to bringing an energetic live performance. A rollercoaster of neckbreaking riffage that simply commands you to start headbanging,
throw your fist in the air and scream your guts out.

So we urge anyone that is as possessed by heavy metal as we are to join us. In a live surrounding we can all succumb to the Beast – at the altar of Metal we kneel, the Godz we worship are Steele!”

Available for gigs and festivals

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*Live pictures by and Hartl David




“We live for PUNK, we die for METAL!”

We are proud to announce that the metalpunks of INDIAN NIGHTMARE joined our roster!

Available for gigs and festivals

+INDIAN NIGHTMARE (Speed Metal Punk / High Roller Recs)
Based in Berlin with members from all around the globe (Indonesia, Turkey, Italy and Mexico) – the most exotic and spectacular metalpunk assault of this century!

The band started in 2014 and quickly turned into a fever, already counting more than 100 concerts and dozens of festivals including Party San, Chaos Descends, Puntala Festival (Fin), Live Evil Berlin, Courts of Chaos (Fra) and many others.
New album coming via High Roller Recs in the summer.

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Tour Video Teaser:

Roadmaster Booking is proud to announce the tour of the Brazilian doom metal titans JUPITERIAN together with the Portuguese void worshippers of GAEREA. The tour will consist of 8 dates between 19-27 April 2019. Interested promoters can get in touch via

About the tour, the guitar and singer of GAEREA says:

“This tour marks everything this project ever claimed. Pure and unsettling chaos. As always, Gaerea is preparing a special and unique set for the ones who let themselves sink with our past releases. Gaerea is finally upon Europe. We invite all Void Worshipers to gather with everynight and transcend to the dimension we all praise for.”


The setlist will be based on our forthcoming album, the successor of Terraforming, which is in a birth process right now. Earthlings can expect a powerful ritualistic and hypnotic experience. Jupiterian and Gaerea are marching in unity. We are the sum of all storms.”

Available dates between 19-27 April 2019
Interested promoters please get in touch:

+JUPITERIAN (Bra) – Sludge/Doom/Death – After making the top Cvlt Nation’s Doom release of the 2017, a strong appearance at Dutch Doom Days Festival and a tour with KRYPTS in 2017, the Brazilian obscure doom metal titans keep spreading their experience in darkness with dissonant tunes leading the audience to a complete hypnosis. The tour will be in promotion of their upcoming album, the successor of Terraforming.

Official Video:
Live Video:

+GAEREA (Por) – Black Metal/Doom – Formed in the beginning of 2016. Spent the last two years sharing the stage with remarkable acts such as Gnaw Their Tongues, Nifelheim, Plebeian Grandstand, The Ominous Circle, etc. GAEREA have turned the genre of black metal on its head.  Sonically defiant and cohesive, Gaerea smash preconceived notions and deliver music they can call their own.

Official Video:
Live Video:

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Roadmaster Booking is proud to announce the tour of E-FORCE, formed by ex-VOIVOD vocalist Eric Forrest. The tour will be revisiting VOIVOD albums of his era, Phobos and Negatron, among classic tunes of the band. Together with E-FORCE the tour counts with the Australian Thrash/Death FLAMING WRECKAGE.

Available dates for September/October.

Eric Forrest says:

“This tour means a lot to E-FORCE. It’s an honour and privilege to perform about 15 shows over Europe with a set consisting of old VOIVOD songs. On this tour we’ll perform a set filled with Phobos/Negatron Albums, plus a few surprises and classics. There are many fans from the past who still really like this material, and we are coming to bring it to you in concert! We promise to deliver a crushing rendition from this era of VOIVOD – Phobos/Negatron revisited! Hope to see all you old and new fans at the show, we are ready to kill!”

+E-FORCE (Thrash Metal – Canada/France) – formed by the vocalist/bassist Eric Forrest upon his departure from the legendary Canadian cyber prog metallers VOIVOD. The band started its activities in Montreal, relocating to Toulouse with a new line-up. After releasing studio albums and touring around the globe, now E-FORCE strikes Europe with a tour revisiting VOIVOD albums Phobos/Negatron (Eric Forrest Era), among with some other classics of the band.

+FLAMING WRECKAGE (Thrash/Death Metal – Australia) – Boasting an energetic live show, the band will debut on the European stages showcasing tracks from their brutal sophomore record “From Flesh To Dust”. This is a tour not to be missed!

More info:

*E-Force logo and poster by SeventhBell Artwork.