E-FORCE (Can/Fra) – Revisiting VOIVOD Phobos/Negatron Eurotour 2018

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Roadmaster Booking is proud to announce the tour of E-FORCE, formed by ex-VOIVOD vocalist Eric Forrest. The tour will be revisiting VOIVOD albums of his era, Phobos and Negatron, among classic tunes of the band. Together with E-FORCE the tour counts with the Australian Thrash/Death FLAMING WRECKAGE.

Available dates for September/October.
Booking: duracell@roadmasterbooking.com

Eric Forrest says:

“This tour means a lot to E-FORCE. It’s an honour and privilege to perform about 15 shows over Europe with a set consisting of old VOIVOD songs. On this tour we’ll perform a set filled with Phobos/Negatron Albums, plus a few surprises and classics. There are many fans from the past who still really like this material, and we are coming to bring it to you in concert! We promise to deliver a crushing rendition from this era of VOIVOD – Phobos/Negatron revisited! Hope to see all you old and new fans at the show, we are ready to kill!”

+E-FORCE (Thrash Metal – Canada/France) – formed by the vocalist/bassist Eric Forrest upon his departure from the legendary Canadian cyber prog metallers VOIVOD. The band started its activities in Montreal, relocating to Toulouse with a new line-up. After releasing studio albums and touring around the globe, now E-FORCE strikes Europe with a tour revisiting VOIVOD albums Phobos/Negatron (Eric Forrest Era), among with some other classics of the band.
Listen: https://prcmusic.bandcamp.com/album/e-force-demonikhol-cd
-Follow: https://www.facebook.com/eforceoffical/

+FLAMING WRECKAGE (Thrash/Death Metal – Australia) – Boasting an energetic live show, the band will debut on the European stages showcasing tracks from their brutal sophomore record “From Flesh To Dust”. This is a tour not to be missed!
Listen: https://flamingwrekage.bandcamp.com/
Follow: https://www.facebook.com/flamingwrekage/

More info:

*E-Force logo and poster by SeventhBell Artwork. 

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