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Roadmaster Booking is stoked to announce the first European tour of the Finnish Death/Doom entity KRYPTS. The ‘Aphotic Remnants Eurotour 2017’ is scheduled for September, and will also count with the Brazilian occultists of JUPITERIAN.

About the meaning of the tour for the band, KRYPTS says:

“This tour is a great opportunity for us to perform at places we never played before, to new people and so strengthen our presence in Europe. We’ve been asked to do a tour on many occasions, but until now, we haven’t had the schedule to do so. We’ve been looking forward for this for a long time though!”

About the setlist and what the European metalheads can expect, the band adds:

“A well considered mixture of old and more fresh material. The setlist will consist of songs from our first demo to the latest album, unheard new material and maybe even some specialities. The idea is to prepare wide range of songs, so we can build each night’s set according to the venue’s ambience and the current mood. For each night, we promise to play unrelenting Death Doom from the heart.”

+KRYPTS (Finland/Dark Descent Records) After many requests, the Finnish Death Doom band Krypts has decided to embark for their first tour. Having performed dozens of exclusive performances in festivals and clubs around Europe, like in Kill-Town Death Fest 2010 and 2014, the band is known for their tight and unforgiving concerts. To make up the long wait, the band will perform material throughout their discography and for eight days the concert halls will rumble under dark, hypnotic atmosphere.


+JUPITERIAN (Brazil/Transcending Obscurity Records) After making the the Cvlt Nation’s Top 8 Doom releases of 2015 and a strong appearance at Dutch Doom Days Festival 2016, the Brazilian obscure doom metal titans returns to Europe promising an experience in darkness with dissonant tunes leading the audience to a complete hypnosis.


Dates available between 16th and 23rd September 2017.

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Roadmaster Booking is proud to announce the first Eastern European tour of REPAY and PHENOMY. The tour has available dates between 2 and 17 June. Interested promoters feel free to get in touch through

REPAY (Sweden/Metal) with over 70 concerts in Sweden, Germany and Czech Republic, appearances at the festival Metaltown and strange gigs at prisons, 2 studio albums and 2 compilation albums, this Swedish hungry band of Death will finally conquer eastern Europe with their dark universal songs!
Music –

PHENOMY (Lebanon/Thrash Metal) – Adding melodies to their aggresion, Phenomy has built an unique sound. In 2016 they released the debut album ‘Once and for all’, and now they promise to conquer Eastern Europe also presenting exclusive tracks of their upcoming release.

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After a very well succeeded tour in 2015, Roadmaster Booking is thrilled to announce the return of Lich King to European stages. The American thrashers promises to come back with a new album, to be released in the beginning of next year. The tour will last 38 days, and will be divided in 3 legs, each one supported by Warfect, Past the Fall and Hidden Intent, respectively.

The guitarist Nick Timney says:

“Like all of our tours, it means we’ll be on the road, making nightly deliveries of violence in the form of relentless thrash metal. It also means that we get to revisit all of the crazy crowds and full venues across Europe that received us on our 2015 tour. Daniel from Roadmaster Booking, who arranged our previous EU tour, set us up for the best time possible and we can’t wait to come back. Also it means that we’re gonna drink all of your beer. And whiskey. And probably eat everything we can get our hands on.”

Regarding the setlist, Nick continues:

“Last year, as our first tour in Europe, we put together a setlist with a wide variety of songs from all four albums. It was an attempt at saying, ‘Hey guys, sorry it took 8 years to get here. This is what you missed’. This time around, we’re going to have a new album for you and therefore a lot of new material will make its way into the setlist. Of course, a lot of the classics and heavy hitters will still be there. We cannot wait to see all of our European friends again. And attempt to make them kill each other. In the pit, we go to war.”

19/Apr Kiel (GER) Alte Meierei
20/Apr Rostock (GER) JAZ
21/Apr Hamburg (GER) Bambi Galore
22/Apr Osnabrück (GER) Bastard Club
24/Apr Hasselt (BEL) Café De Witte Non
25/Apr Deinze (BEL) Elpee
26/Apr Paris (FRA) Le Klub
28/Apr Toulouse (FRA) Les Pavillons Sauvages
29/Apr Guadalajara (SPA) Sala Fever
30/Apr Barroselas (POR) Barroselas Fest
02/May Malaga (SPA) Velvet Club
03/May Granada (SPA) Sala Prince
04/May Oviedo (SPA) Discoteca Sir Laurens
05/May San Sebastian (SPA) Sala Mocambo
06/May Reus (SPA) Sala Toman
07/May Bordeaux (FRA) The Void
09/May St. Etienne (FRA) Thunderbird Lodge
12/May Milan (ITA) Blue Rose Saloon
13/May Koper (SLO) CMK
14/May Ostrava (CZ) Barrak
15/May Bratislava (SVK) Fuga
16/May Vienna (AUS) Viper Room
17/May Brno (CZ) Club Na Dráze
18/May Prague (CZ) Žižkostel
19/May Essen (GER) Don’t Panic
20/May Dresden (GER) Club Novitatis
21/May Gdánsk (POL) Protokultura
23/May Berlin (GER) Tommyhaus
24/May Siegen (GER) Vortex Surfer
25/May Amsterdam (HOL) Winston Kingdom
26/May Tilburg (HOL) Little Devil
27/May Lübeck (GER) Treibsand

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Roadmaster Booking is proud to announce that during May 2017, two of the most talented Old School Death Metal bands of the last Californian generation will team up to tour over Europe. Both bands released through German FDA Records their acclaimed Debut Albums, and now will be promoting their 2nd full-lenghts.

Yusef, singer and guitarrist of RUDE says:
“This tour is going to be killer! It’ means a lot finally meet all the people in Europe I sent demos to! The set list will contain a mix from both albums. I know people who will want to hear the songs they first heard on the demo, but also the stuff off then new album. I won’t let people down! Let’s party! Can’t wait to see everyone!!!”

Chucho, singer and guitarrist of MORFIN adds:
“This tour is going to be very special for us, because it is our dream to come out and tour for the European fans and fucking rage with them AGAIN!! It’s an amazing experience!! This long set will be very promising! We are having a mixture of the 1st and 2nd Album. But majority of the set will be the 2nd album. This setlist ad our performance is going to leave the European fans wanting more!!! Whathever stage we hit, we promise that we will give a killer performance and rage with the fans after!!! This is something the European metal heads will not want to miss!!!”

There’s available dates between 5th – 20th May. Interested promoters can contact the agency through

RUDE (USA/California – Old School Death Metal) – First time in Europe! The band will be releasing their second album ‘Remnants’ and promote also their old tunes. In the vein of Pestilence, Morbid Angel or Nocturnus. no drum-trigger, no bomblast, no bullshit – just Death Metal to the bone.

MORFIN (USA/California – Old School Death Metal) – Previously toured 10 countries in Europe with Skeletal Remains in 2015. Witness the return of American Old School Death Metal. With the second album being released early 2017 and a new line-up, Morfin promises a fast, heavy, bone-crushing experience of the 1st and 2nd Album for the European fans!



Roadmaster Booking is proud to announce the upcoming tour of the German thrashers REZET. The tour aim to promote their 3rd Album ‘Reality is a Lie’, recently released by Mighty Music.  As support, they will have the Brazilian outfit SUFFOCATION OF SOUL, touring in Europe for the first time.

Tour dates:
26/Ago  Wolfsburg (GER) @ S.V. Jugendhaus Ost
27/Ago Utrecht (HOL) @ DB’s
28/Ago Tilburg (HOL) @ Little Devil
30/Ago Antwerp (BEL) @ Antwerp Music City
01/Sep St. Etienne (FRA) @ Thunderbird Lodge
02/Sep Torino (ITA) @ TBA
07/Sep Ostrava (CZ) @ Plan B
08/Sep Prague (CZ) @ TBA

More dates to be announced soon.

+REZET (Thrash Metal/Germany – Mighty Music) After worldwide success with their albums “Have Gun, Will Travel” (2010) and “Civic Nightmares” (2012) REZET strike back with their third album “Reality Is A Lie” (released on May 27th 2016.) REZET toured Europe several times, played famous festivals such as the Wacken Open Air and Headbangers Open Air and toured the USA and Russia for the first time in 2015. “Reality Is A Lie” got raving reviews from fans and critics alike so far, saying that this is definitely the strongest output of the young Thrashers so far.

+SUFFOCATION OF SOUL (Thrash Metal /Brazil – Kill Again Records) – with 10 years of career with several concerts over South America, this Brazilian outfit will finally hit the European stages promoting their well acclaimed album ‘The First Attack’. Highly influenced by traditional heavy metal, SOS promise to deliver energetic assaults and surprise the fans of the genre at their concerts.

Rezet Tour Poster 1st announcement



It’s with great pride that Roadmaster Booking announces the third European Tour of the Brazilian Death Metal Terror ESCARNIUM. The Funeral Rites Europe Tour 2016 will be held in September/October this year, and have as co-headliner the death metal act – also from Brazil -VENOMOUS BREATH.

Victor Elian, singer and guitarrist of Escarnium, says:
‘This third Eurotour is result of lots of hardwork since the beginning of Escarnium. We are glad to have our friends of Venomous Breath on this project, we will spread once again our death metal terror for the European Metalheads, meet old friends and make new ones. We are preparing a new setlist with tracks of our upcoming album ‘Interitus’.

Jaime Netão, drummer of Venomous Breath, adds:
‘We did a Brazilian Tour and the feedback was awesome. Touring over several European countries showing our Death Metal will be the realization of a dream. We will present a setlist basically focused on our debut album, ‘Et Viscera Sanguis’. European metalheads can expect a Death Metal totally worshiper of the ancient style; fast, morbid and deadly. We are also creating new sounds for our next record and some of them must be presented during the tour. Wait for us, Europe! We’ll take to you the destruction and chaos in Death Metal form! We hope to meet you. and remember, Only Death is Real!’

Confirmed dates:
22/09 – Poznan (Pol) U Bazyla
23/09 – Berlin (Ger) Linse
24/09 – Hamburg (Ger) Bambi Galore
30/09 – Prague (Cze) Modrá Vopice
01/10 – Breclav (Cze) Piksla
08/10 – Wermelskirchen (Ger) AJZ Bahndamm
09/10 – Liége (Bel) Le Smile Café
10/10 – Deinze (Bel) Café Elpee
(More dates to be announced soon)

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+STEVE GRIMMETT’S GRIM REAPER (Heavy Metal/UK) – Legendary band from the NWOBHM, Grim Reaper were very successful since their early days, with a debut album (See you in Hell – 1984) that sold over 1/4 million copies worldwide within a few days. After two other very well succeeded releases, and concerts for even 83,000 fans, the members disbanded. In 2006, Grim Reaper were asked to play at the ‘Keep it True Festival’, which led to the formation of ‘Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper’. The reception the band received from the fans and press has been so overwhelming that they continue be in huge demand. They are busier now than ever, constantly touring countries all over the world, to increasingly large audiences. The band is currently recording new material for the much awaited 4th Album, which they hope to be released at early 2016.

Info/Booking (Europe):



Roadmaster Booking is thrilled to announce that the Brazilian thrash maniacs of VIOLATOR will be back in Europe this spring for a mini tour with 4 gigs including an appearance at SWR Barroselas Metalfest in Portugal.

These shows will be the first of Violator in Europe since the release of Scenarios of Brutality, their most recent album. The band is preparing a very special setlist focused on songs of this release, but also having several classics of their discography, including tunes from Chemical Assault – which is completing it’s 10th anniversary this year.

The ‘Death descends upon Europe Minitour’ have 3 available dates between 21-23 April. Interested promoters please get in touch via


Roadmaster Booking:

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Roadmaster Booking is proud to announce this killer package that will tour over Scandinavia next May. Sorcery – legendary Swedish Death Metal band – promoting their upcoming album Garden of Bones. Deathronation, highly acclaimed outfit from Germany spreading their ’90s influenced old school Death Metal. And Slaughter Messiah, Belgian revelation that promise soul ripping presentations with their Black/Death/Thrash Metal.

Available dates for ‘Scandinavian Death Crusade’ between 16 and 21 May. Interested promoters please get in touch via

Ola Malmström, vocalist of Sorcery, says:

“It means a lot to get out on the roads again. We are looking forward to play the new songs to an audience where we never before played. European metalheads can expect to hear both songs from the new album as well as classics from our 30 year long career. Make sure not to miss it. These will be nights to remember.”

+SORCERY (Old school Death Metal/Sweden – Xtreem Music) – Founded in 1986, Sorcery became one of the earliest Death Metal bands hailing from Sweden. The debut album from 1991, Bloodchilling tales, has become a classic that’s been re-released several times. This tour aim to promote their upcoming release ‘Garden of Bones’.

+DEATHRONATION (Old school Death Metal/Germany – Ván Records) – with over 75 concerts in 10 countries including diverse tours, and appearances at festivals like Acherontic Arts, Party San, Hell’s Pleasure, Death Doomed the Age, Castle Invasion among others, Deathronation is currently promoting their highly acclaimed album ‘Hollow of the Dead’.  Expect well performed old school Death Metal in the veins of the early ’90s.

+SLAUGHTER MESSIAH (Ancient Metal of Death/Belgium – Goat Kult Symphonies) – Black/Death/Thrash Metal – with releases entitled ‘Deathlike Invasion’, ‘Black Speed Terror’, or ‘Putrid Invokation’, this Belgian quartet are growing a solid reputation and constantly spreading the chaos through clubs and festivals in Europe, including appearances on Metal Magic (Denmark) and In Flammen Open Air (Germany). According to them ‘Slaughter Messiah is gonna make your ears bleed, and reap your souls!!!’

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*Poster Artwork by Arturo Vargas – armedrebellion(at)

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É com imenso orgulho que a Roadmaster Booking anuncia a turnê brasileira das bandas de thrash metal Desecrator (Austrália) e Piraña (México). A ‘Roadwarriors Brazil Tour’ tem datas disponíveis entre 29 de abril e 15 de maio. Promoters interessados, favor entrar em contato através do

+DESECRATOR (Old-School Thrash – Austrália) – Altamente influenciados pelo velho Testament, Death Angel e Sacred Reich, o Desecrator promete devastar o Brasil com seu thrash metal frenético e violento. Após 6 anos, centenas de shows, turnês internacionais incluindo Asia, Europa, Russia, incontáveis shows ao lado de bandas como Forbidden, Warbringer, Macabre, Toxic Holocaust, Havok, Grave, Wehrmacht, D.R.I., Tankard. Sepultura entre muitas outras, chegou a hora de encarar finalmente o público selvagem do Brasil.

+PIRAÑA (Old-School Thrash – México) – Desde 2003, esses cabrones assassinos vêm sendo reconhecidos pelo seu thrash metal cru e agressivo. Considerados um dos ícones mexicanos do estilo, e após turnês pelo México, Cuba, Bélgica, Espanha, Holanda, Alemanha, Itália, Eslováquia e França, o quarteto promete incendiar tudo por onde passarem. Tequila, pimenta e thrash – Piraña!

Datas disponíveis entre 29 de abril e 15 de maio.


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