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It’s with great pride that the agency Roadmaster Booking announces the first Eurotour of two of the most significant bands of Chilean extreme underground death metal scene ATOMIC AGGRESSOR and DIABOLICAL MESSIAH. The tour will happen next September 2015, and already include appearances at Germans NRW Deathfest and Italian Briscia Deathfest.

Enrique Zúñiga, guitarist of Atomic Aggressor says:

“This is our first time playing in Europe, so it’s very important for the band. Atomic Aggressor is a very old band, for us it was a pending goal, and now that our album is out, it’s the best time to visit Europe. We hope that European Metalheads will appreciate our work and maybe find some old school fans that already know our band since the late 80’s. Mainly we want to show “Sights of Suffering” to the European Deathbangers. But because this is our first time in Europe, we’ll also be playing some old stuff from our demos. So people can expect a show full of real chilean old school death metal. Atomic Aggressor started in the late 80’s. After 2 demos the band split up. Now we are paying some old debts. The most important was to record an album. After that, another pending goal was to do an international tour. That’s why this tour is so special for us.”

Cesar Diaz, bassist and vocalist from Diabolical Messiah says:

“This is a great step for our band, and will be our second tour out of Chile and the first tour with many dates, will be great to meet other countries and his scenes. We expect to introduce the band in Europe in a directly way. That the European metalhead can see us live and we can spread our music and material in the countries that we will visit. We are preparing near of 60 minutes of a musical bomb without break. The european metalheads can expect a lot of energy, weight and speed. So attend to our concerts. Atomic Aggressor is a legend band from Chile, the first band of Death Metal in Chile and all his music in all his years is brutal. We guarantee unmerciful concerts”


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We are proud to announce that we are booking one leg of the upcoming Eurotour of the Brazilian Female Thrash NERVOSA. The band is already confirmed at several festivals including Obscene Extreme (CZ), Brutal Assault (CZ), Summer Breeze (GER), Metal Days (SLO) among others. The tour will also count with the thrashers CRISIX from Spain and DESOLATOR from UK. Interested promoters please get in touch via

Regarding the tour, the singer and bassist Fernanda Lira says:

“For me it’s like a dream coming true, really. We’ve been planning this tour for years, because we wanted everything to be the best possible and now the final result is that we are really pleased to be playing many countries, playing these huge feasts among bands we admired and feel inspired too and also getting to know lot of different cultures and local metal scenes. Can it get any better than that? haha :) The European Metalheads surely can expect a lot of passion on stage. I think music and especially metal is about passion and energy and only we know how much this tour will be important to us, so we will be very very pleased and people will be able to feel that when we get on stage!”

The guitarist Prika added:

“I’m so happy and anxious for this great opportunity and i feel honoured for being able to join this tour that has everything to be amazing! To play in some of the feasts i’ve always dreamed of playing is wonderful! Playing along and among great metal bands, and lots of them being very influential  to me is awesome!”

Tour Promo Video: 

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