SIEGE OF HATE & STATIK MAJIK: European Tour 2013

Posted: June 7, 2013 in News


The agency Roadmaster Booking is proudly announcing the European Tour 2013 of the Death/Grind band SIEGE OF HATE together with the Stoner/Metal band STATIK MAJIK. The tour will take place in October to promote the last releases of these two promising bands of Brazil.

Bruno Gabai, guitarist and vocalist of SIEGE OF HATE, says:

“It is again a great honor for us to come back to the old continent to represent ourselves. It is a new opportunity to interact with Metalheads and Punks from different countries, to interact with new cultures and expand the horizons of noisy high-class music made in Brazil. In general, we expect to consolidate the dissemination of our work in Europe, reaching new audiences, promote the new CD, interact with bands from other countries, especially with the European Metal audience, with whom we had less contact on our tour in 2009, where we reached more the Punk/HC audience. Our new CD Animalism is the most brutal one of our career and is mixing elements of the different influences we have. So, you can prepare for a devastation Crossover Death/Grind unprecedented. See you soon Hategrinders!”

Luís Carlos, drummer of Statik MAJIK adds:

“This tour is a very important step in our career. We aimed to do this already with the first CD, but we thought it would be better to have a structure and a better job to do this tour. Europe is and will always be the one which represents Heavy Metal to the world in the best way. Our expectations are the best possible. We have friends who were and who are playing in Europe and the reception has been great. We will be on the stages of Europe doing our best which is “Stoner Metal” in the vein! The Europeans can expect a band with “blood in its eyes,” playing with all power and making a lot of noise. Let’s go to Europe; this time with the certainty of return other times. We’ll make sure you won´t forget us for a long time, wait for us! It’s a dream coming true playing in Europe and we will enjoy it in every sense.”

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