LOTHLÖRYEN: Dates of European Tour

Posted: May 16, 2013 in News


It is with great pride that the agency Roadmaster Booking announces the dates of the first European tour of LOTHLÖRYEN. The tour has shows scheduled in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Italy. The sextet Melodic / Power Metal Folk LOTHLÖRYEN, will be promoting his latest work “Souls Raving Society” as well as the second version of the album “Some Ways Back Some More.” In some shows the tour will have also the Croatian Thrash/Death Band WAR-HEAD.

Leko Soares, guitarist of LOTHLÖRYEN, comments:

“We have completed 10 years of career in 2012 and felt that the next step to be taken is to start the internationalization of our sound. We recently had a contract with the German Prog Power that is distributing our last album throughout Europe and North America and the next step is to raise the achievement of the first European tour, something that we have been pursuing already for a few years. Our expectation is the best possible. We know we will suffer a bit at first to adapt to the rhythm of several shows in a row, but we are already preparing us for it. We want to start marking our territory, create a fan base that us allows to come back even stronger the next times. We hope it is the first of many tours in partnership with Roadmaster. We came to the agency after analyzing the good services for other national bands and we are confident that the relationship will be the most professional and accurate as possible for both parties. The crowd can expect feeling and madness in abundance, because these are our greatest strengths on stage. LOTHLÖRYEN is not a highly technical band, but it is a band that knows how to make a great party on stage. It’s by far our natural habitat and anyone who visits the shows will see that from close up.”

Below the dates:

16/05  Szeged, Hungary @ Noire Club
17/05 Cluj Napoca, Romania @ Irish & Music Pub
18/05  Slatina, Romania @ The Rock
19/05  Varna, Bulgaria @ Smile
21/05 Kavala, Greece @ Jazz Rock Bar
22/05 Alexandroupolis, Greece @ Notos Stage
23/05 Skopje, Macedonia @ Club Havana
24/05  Sofija, Bulgaria @ Adams bar
25/05  Bucharest, Romania @ Private Hell
26/05  Petrosani, Romania @ Barock
28/05  Bologna, Italy @ Freakout
29/05  Parma, Italy @ Mcqueen
30/05  Milan, Italy @ Blue Rose Saloon

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