RIPPER + ENTRENCH: Forgotten Existence Eurotour 2017

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Among the best albums of the genre in the last years, the releases of this young band gave them quickly a strong reputation around the world. After working with some of the most respectable labels in Europe and North America, and being acclaimed as the newest revelation of South America thrash/death scene, now it’s time to show it on European stages. Roadmaster Booking is proud to announce the first European Tour of the Chilean thrashers of RIPPER.

Teaming up we with them the Swedish thrashers of ENTRENCH. Also touring for the first time after over 10 years crafting their devastating thrash/death and now releasing their brand new album ‘Through the Walls of Flesh’.

Available dates between September 15 and 30.
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About the tour, Patricio Spalinger, singer and gitarrist of Ripper, says:

“This tour is a reward for the years of effort and time that has been dedicated to the band. It is a goal that we wanted to fulfil, like many others that are ahead. I am happy to know that we will share with another culture and meet people who could enrich our experience. About the setlist, as this is the first time, we want to show the best of Raising the corpse and Experiment of Existence, we are also willing to show new songs from our next album The Unreal”

+Ripper (Chile – Thrash/Death Metal) – Released by renowned labels such as Dark Descent/Unspeakable Axe (US) and Iron Pegasus (GER) this young band went straight to the top of actual South American Thrash/Death scene. Considered one of the best albums of genre in the last years, Experiments of Existence  was highly acclaimed worldwide as a gift for any metalhead into aggressive thrash/death metal acts like Sadus, old Sepultura, Sadus and Demolition Hammer. After touring several times over Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia, it’s finally time to show their rage on the European stages!

+Entrench (Sweden – Thrash/Death Metal) – Since 2005 they have perfected their brand of ancient thrash/death metal. With two albums out and a third – Through the Walls of Flesh – coming this summer through I Hate Records, Entrench promises to blow the minds of  Merciless, Dark Angel and Kreator fans!

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