DESECRATOR + PIRAÑA – Brazil Tour 2016

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It is with great pride that Roadmaster Booking announces the Brazilian tour of the thrash metal bands Desecrator (Australia) and Piraña (Mexico). The ‘Roadwarriors Brazil Tour 2016’ has dates available between April 29 and May 15. Promoters interested, please get in touch via

+ Desecrator (Old-School Thrash – Australia) – Highly influenced by early Testament, Death Angel and Sacred Reich, Desecrator promises to devastate Brazil with its frenetic and violent thrash metal. After six years, hundreds of concerts, international tours including Asia, Europe, Russia, countless shows alongside bands like Forbidden, Warbringer, Macabre, Toxic Holocaust, Havok, Grave, Wehrmacht, DRI, Tankard. Grave among many others, it’s time to finally face the wild Brazilian headthrashers.


+ PIRAÑA (Old-School Thrash – Mexico) – Since 2003, these killer ‘cabrones’ have been recognized for their raw and aggressive thrash metal. Considered one of the Mexican icons of style, and after touring Mexico, Cuba, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and France, the quartet promises to put in fire every crowed they cross. Thrash with taste of strong Mexican tequila and pepper – Piraña!


Available dates between April 29 and May 15.
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