The ROADMASTER Booking Agency emerged from the partnership between Daniel Duracell and Vladimir Sužnjević. Daniel Duracell made his first tour in 2006 with Mortificy in São Paulo. The following year, he made a national tour which went through eight Brazilian states, then touring Venezuela for more 5 shows, being the first band in the world which made a tour of five dates in that country. In the same year, due to his contacts in South America and due to the successful tours, Daniel Duracell was invited by The Open Road Agency to monitor Violator as their Tour Manager / Roadie for 29 concerts in South America on the United Thrashin Tour in 2007. The tour went through nine countries and Duracell followed the band for two months and a half.

In 2010, he was again invited by Violator to accompany them as a roadie on the Plunging Into Anihilation Eurotour 2010, together with the North American band Fueled by Fire. This tour lasted 30 days and they gave 23 concerts in 9 countries.
On this tour of Violator, Vladimir was the driver and also the owner of the Backline leased by the band. Vladimir had already worked on several previous tours with various bands, including Devastation (USA), Sacred Steel (Ger), Warbringer (USA), Artillery (DK), Destruction (Ger), providing a variety of services.  So, in 2011, Duracell and Vladimir officialized the partnership to provide booking services, specialized in European tours.

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of bands of metal/punk regarding European tours. What we do for this is advising the band from aspects concerning the documentation, visas, through the scheduling of concerts in Europe, providing sound equipment, transportation and necessary guidelines to ensure the success of this enterprise in all its aspects.

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